About Us

Enigma was duly registered pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Registration of Business Names act in January 2012 and is compliant with all the relevant acts and regulations. Enigma is a dynamic provider of commodities in the Agriculture, Energy, Mining and Construction Sectors. Enigma considers investment in infrastructure development as top priority. We have competent partners (on the continent, Asia and Middle East), staff and equipment to provide comprehensive, reliable and cost effective products to all our clients and to the Zambian nation as a whole. ENIGMA calls on solid expertise and commitment from its partners to meet all required expectations.

Enigma, we are committed to carrying out business in an ethical manner and by this, enable us to carve a niche in the market as a top supplier. With major partners in South Africa, the Middle East and Singapore ENIGMA is one of the largest manufacturers and supplies of all bitumen based road emulsification and binder products. Besides having accounts with major refineries in South Africa. We have experience with imported bitumen from Middle East. We also have extensive logistics and cross border experience plus expertise. We have the ability to supply all bitumen grades and bitumen based products to your road construction sites in Africa.

“We pride ourselves in being the suppliers of choice.”

Our Objective

To be a prominent supplier of Bitumen, Lubricants and Diesel.

We are committed to becoming a long-term vendor with all our clientele. This is achieved by ensuring open communication, quality goods and innovative solutions. Open communication means being honest and transparent with customers, providing them with consultative advice and information needed for them to make prudent decisions. At the same time, we strive towards supplying quality goods.



To be a major player in the Petroleum Industry.



To play a role in national development.



  • Passion for we excellence – we shall strive to deliver quality products & services.
  • People we are committed to developing and retaining competent & motivated staff.
  • Quality guaranteed


Our Main line products are as follows:

  • 60/70 Pen Grade Bitumen (Imported)
  • 50/70 Pen Grade Bitumen (SADC)
  • 80/100 Pen Grade Bitumen (Imported)
  • 70/100 Pen Grade Bitumen (SADC)
  • SS60% Emulsification (SADC)
  • Catmix All Grades (SADC)
  • Coldmix (SADC)
  • MC30 Cutback Bitumen
  • Bulk Diesel & Petrol
  • Lubricants

Our Services

ENIGMA helps our users to get provided with quality products that are according to international specifications and thus allowing them to feel comfortable and safe in their daily activities. The success of our business depends highly on haulage services and reliable transportation partners.

Our Primary Competitive Advantages are;

Comprehensive range of products, Transparency in business dealing, Skilled workforce & Value-added solution

Core competencies are:

  • Import/Export documentary requirements.
  • Arranging and overseeing transportation from point of production to final destination.
  • Full project co-ordination.
  • International multi-modal transportation.
  • Inland transportation from port to the project site.
  • Sourcing, supplying and delivering of all required products.
  • Diesel, Bitumen & Lubricates Supply

Major Customers

The Group’s customers include the following:

  • PUMA Energy Zambia Plc (formerly BP Zambia Plc) China GEO Engineering Cooperation
  • Lafarge Cement Zambia Plc
  • Unik Construction
  • Swift Cargo Logistics
  • Konkola Copper Mines Plc
  • China State Construction Engineering Cooperation
  • Independent Petroleum Group (Kuwait) China Henan
  • Petronex of South Africa
  • The World Food Programme The Food Reserve Agency Trafigura
  • AVIC International
  • SGC Investments Limited
  • Government Ministries
  • Mika Group of Hotels Chita Lodge & Resorts
  • Matrix Mining
  • Infraset
  • Lake Petroleum Zambia Limited



The Management of Enigma Petroleum Limited is as follows:

Ayub Fakir Mulla – Managing Director

Zabunissa Mulla – Director

Zara Mulla – Director

Zahir Adam Sidi – External Executive Director



Mweemba Chashi & Partners

No. 9 Katopola Rd

Rhodes Park

P.O Box 30284




Ecobank (Z) Limited,

Thabo  Mbeki