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Enigma was duly registered pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Registration of Business Names act in January 2012 and is compliant with all the relevant acts and regulations. Enigma is a dynamic provider of commodities in the Agriculture, Energy, Mining and Construction Sectors. Enigma considers investment in infrastructure development as top priority. We have competent partners (on the continent, Asia and Middle East), staff and equipment to provide comprehensive, reliable and cost effective products to all our clients and to the Zambian nation as a whole. ENIGMA calls on solid expertise and commitment from its partners to meet all required expectations.

Enigma, we are committed to carrying out business in an ethical manner and by this, enable us to carve a niche in the market as a top supplier. With major partners in South Africa, the Middle East and Singapore ENIGMA is one of the largest manufacturers and supplies of all bitumen based road emulsification and binder products. Besides having accounts with major refineries in South Africa. We have experience with imported bitumen from Middle East. We also have extensive logistics and cross border experience plus expertise. We have the ability to supply all bitumen grades and bitumen based products to your road construction sites in Africa.

“We pride ourselves in being the suppliers of choice.”

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